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Digital Advisor

View and acknowledge the risk


You can analyze the wellness attributes of your storage system by viewing the actions and risks associated with them. You should view the corrective actions and manually mitigate the risk.

  1. Click the wellness attribute widget on the dashboard or click View All Actions to view the list of all the actions and risks.

  2. View the Actions and Risks associated with the wellness attribute.

  3. Click Actions to view the risks associated with the actions, click Risks to view all the risks, or click Affected Systems to view the systems that require attention.

  4. Click the risk to view the risk summary.

  5. Click Ack to acknowledge the risk.

    The detailed risk summary information is provided along with corrective actions that should be manually performed to mitigate the risk.

  6. If you do not want to or are unable to mitigate the risk at this time, provide the values for the fields and click Acknowledge.

    The risk will be added to acknowledged risks.

Note If you no longer want a risk to be acknowledged, you can disregard the risk by clicking Un-Ack and following the same steps.