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Use the API Catalog to execute APIs

Contributors netapp-reenu

The API Catalog allows you to browse through categories and the available APIs within each of those categories.

Using a valid Access Token and correct inputs for the required fields, you can make a test call for an API.

  1. From the Quick Links menu, click API Services.

  2. Click Browse under the API Catalog icon.

    The API Catalog is displayed.

  3. Select any API

  4. At the top of the page, slide the toggle to “Experiment”.

  5. From the left navigation, expand the categories and select any API to view detailed information.

  6. Expand the API.

  7. Click the Try it out button on the right.

  8. Provide the required parameters and click Execute to view the results.

    You can also examine the Responses section of the API to understand the data that will be returned better. You can click on Example Value to see the format of the data or click on Model and click on the carets to expand the sections to see the definition of each element.

By sliding the toggle to the Code view, you can view code samples in various languages.