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SolidFire Active IQ

Learn about SolidFire Active IQ

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Before you start using SolidFire Active IQ, you should be aware of how SolidFire Active IQ works and what information it collects.

How SolidFire Active IQ works

Services such as collector and telemetry run on a management node. These services are configured with read-only access to a cluster and make API calls to a cluster on a scheduled basis to gather key performance, capacity, and health metrics. This information is uploaded to the SolidFire Active IQ cloud database by using HTTPs, where it is processed and made available to you and NetApp Support through the SolidFire Active IQ UI. You can view the most recent API payloads and collection intervals received for a cluster in the SolidFire Active IQ UI by logging in using your SSO credentials and selecting API Collection from the Reporting drop-down menu.

Information collected by SolidFire Active IQ

SolidFire Active IQ collects information about volumes, clusters, nodes, performance, and configurations:

  • Resource IDs such as volume, snapshots, and account node IDs

  • Performance and capacity data for clusters and volumes

  • Error and event history

  • NetApp HCI and Element software versions

  • Quality of Service (QoS) configurations

  • Volume details such as size, creation date, and so on

  • Volume access group and session configurations

  • Node and cluster network configurations

SolidFire Active IQ does not collect the following customer sensitive information:

  • Actual end-user data

  • Passwords

  • Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) secrets

  • Cluster administrative user information

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