SolidFire Active IQ

Capacity Licensing


On the Capacity Licensing page within the All Clusters View, you can view information about the NetApp Capacity Licensing model. Customers using standard SolidFire appliances should disregard this page.

To view a given capacity licensing pool, you must have permissions to view all clusters included in that pool. If there are parent and child company relationships involved, work with your account manager to confirm that this is correctly recorded. Failure to do so might cause the capacity licensing pool to become unavailable.

Capacity Licensing is an alternative licensing option available from NetApp. Learn about or perform capacity licensing related tasks:

Heading Description

Pool Name

Name of the customer associated with the license.

Entitled Capacity

Sum of software capacity licenses purchased.

Provisioned Capacity

Amount of allocated provisioned capacity on all capacity licensed nodes in a customer environment.

Used Capacity

Current used capacity by all clusters in a cluster pool.


Number of clusters and their IDs, which comprise a cluster pool for a license.

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