Operational model, roles, and responsibilities

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NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription (Flex Subscription) offers three operational models for service delivery:

  • NetApp-operated model allows the customer to subscribe to the offered services (according to the selected performance tiers and storage service types) and selects the NetApp-operated option at an extra cost. NetApp defines the architecture and products, installs at the customer premises, and manages the day-to-day infrastructure management operations by using NetApp storage and IT resources. Available storage service types are file, block, and object.

  • Partner-operated model is similar to the NetApp-operated model, but with the partner operating the service for their end customer. In this model, the partner is the referenced contracted party.

  • Customer-operated model allows the customer to subscribe to an offered service, according to the selected performance tiers and storage service types. NetApp defines the architecture and products and installs at the customer premises and allows customers to manage the infrastructure using their storage and IT resources.

This figure summarizes the overall service lifecycle model and categorizes the associated services.

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Roles and responsibilities summary

The following list summarizes NetApp’s roles and responsibilities:

  • NetApp delivers, installs, configures, and enables the applicable service (including applicable version of NetApp Service Engine at a customer-designated data center or a CoLo. NetApp is responsible for the uninstallation at the end of the contract term or if the customer chooses to terminate the contract sooner.

  • While interfacing with other IT service providers, NetApp cooperates with the customer’s IT service providers or their technical team.

  • Performance of the NetApp-operated services are included, with the assumption that shared responsibilities are applicable to the supported environment.