Keystone service terms and descriptions

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NetApp Keystone is guided by the following service terms and descriptions.

  • Keystone services are available for a minimum of one year and up to three years. After the initial term, the service is renewable on an annual basis. Capacity can be increased in increments as small as 1 TiB.

  • The minimum capacity is 100 TiB per site, and each site can have one or more clusters to meet the minimum capacity requirement. In a partner-operated model, subscriptions with flexible minimums are created for a customer, per site and across service levels.

  • The 100 TiB capacity can be one single service level or a combination of levels.

  • Tenant subscriptions are limited to service levels that partners are subscribed to.

  • 20% of burst capacity is available at each site; any burst usage is billed only for that billing period. If you need an additional burst requirements that is greater than 20%, contact support.

  • Committed capacity or service levels cannot be altered during a contract term.

  • Increasing capacity or changing to higher service level during term is allowed; however, moving from a higher service level to a lower level is not permitted.

  • Any change request in the last 90 days of the term requires the customer to renew the service for a minimum of one year.