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Service requests enable you to raise an issue with the GSSC team so that they can resolve the issue and update the status for you to view.

Note You can view the Support > Service Requests menu only if you are a partner administrator. As a partner administrator, you can also view list the service requests raised for your selected tenant on the dashboard. You cannot raise a service request with NetApp support if you are a tenant administrator.

The workflow is at Service request process

Place a service request for:

  • Backup restoration

  • Disaster recovery failover

  • A technical issue with NetApp Service Engine

  • Non-standard volumes: The volumes that are imported into your Flex Subscription do share the same standard as the existing disks and file shares on NetApp Service Engine. After import, these disks and file shares are categorized with Non-Standard status. You raise a service request for changing their status to a standard one.

  • Any other issue that is not covered in this list.

The other topics in this section discuss:

  • How to raise a service request

  • How to track a service request

  • The service request process