Managing subscriptions

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Managing subscriptions includes assigning service levels to your NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription (Flex Subscription) and tenant subscription services or allocating and changing capacities to the service levels by using the NetApp Service Engine interface.

The Flex Subscriptions represented by the relationship between the service providers/partners and NetApp and the tenant subscriptions represent the relationship between the service provider and their tenants and subtenants (end customers). When NetApp admins or GSSC creates Flex Subscription services for partners and tenants, it implies that the storage allocation has been accomplished. However, unless the service levels are created and the corresponding capacity allocation is complete, storage cannot be consumed by subtenants or end customers. Partner admins can manage storage for their Flex Subscription and tenant subscriptions. Tenant admins can only view the tenant subscription details and services for their own tenancy.

Manage Flex Subscription (Keystone Subscriptions)

If you are a partner admin, you can view and manage your Flex Subscription services from SUBSCRIPTIONS > Keystone Subscriptions. Keystone subscriptions represent the Flex Subscription services created by NetApp admins for partners. Partner admins can view their Flex Subscription services and create service requests to:

  • Increase the capacity of a subscription

  • Add a service to a subscription (assign service level and capacity)

Service requests are received and addressed by the support team.

You can also view and manage the data protection and advanced protection services that you are subscribed to, in separate tabs.

Increase the capacity of a subscription

You can increase the committed capacity for any of the subscribed service levels to meet growth requirements.

  1. Select the subscription that you to want to increase capacity for from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click Increase Capacity for the service level that you want.

  3. Specify the capacity (in TiB) required.

  4. Click Confirm.

Add a service to a subscription

You can add a service to a subscription. Adding a service includes assigning a service level to your subscription and specifying the capacity for the same service level.

A subscription might only have one of each performance level, for example, if your subscription already contains an Extreme and a Standard service, you can add a Premium or Block service.

  1. Select the subscription that you to want to increase capacity for from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click Add service.

  3. Select the subscription service that you want to add from the drop-down menu and add the capacity (in TiB) that you want to commit to the service level.

  4. Click Confirm.

Note If you are subscribed to extreme-tiering or premium-tiering, you can edit the performance level of any existing subscription and opt for a tiering-enabled performance level. You can also opt to move from a tiering-enabled performance level to a non-tiering performance level.

Manage tenant subscriptions

If you are a partner admin, you can create, view, and update your tenant subscriptions from SUBSCRIPTIONS > Tenant Subscriptions. If you are a tenant admin, you can only view the subscriptions.

Create a tenant subscription

You can create new subscriptions for your tenants.

  1. Click New Subscription.

  2. Specify the region, zone, subscription term, rate plans, and other details.
    The tenant subscription is assigned to a Keystone Subscription based on the zone selected. This is because each Keystone Subscription is tied to a zone.

    Note You cannot create overlapping subscriptions. The start date should be at least the next day as subscriptions start a day ahead of the specified start date. Additionally, it cannot be more than 30 days from the current date.
  3. Click Create.

You cannot delete any subscriptions. You can only edit existing tenant subscriptions and add new service levels, increase the committed capacity for a service level, and add tags to subscriptions.