nblade.vscanbadipprivaccess events






This message occurs during a client attempt to connect to the privileged ONTAP_ADMIN$ share, when the IP address of that client is not found in the list of allowed IP addresses.

Corrective Action

Ensure that the mentioned IP address is configured in one of the active vscan scanner pools. Use the "vserver vscan scanner pool show-active" command to view the currently active scanner pool configuration.

Syslog Message

For Vserver "%s", the attempt to connect to the privileged ONTAP_ADMIN$ share by the client "%s" is rejected because its IP or hostname is not configured in any of the Vserver active scanner pools.


vserverName (STRING): Vserver associated with this operation.
scannerIp (STRING): IP address of the client.
object_type (STRING): Type of the resource object under notification.
object_uuid (STRING): UUID of the resource object.