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ONTAP FlexArray

Planning summary for ONTAP systems using array LUNs

Contributors netapp-chikkusu

When you plan to use array LUNs with ONTAP systems, you must communicate with the storage array and switch administrators so that the back-end devices are configured to work with ONTAP systems.

The following table summarizes the major planning tasks and the location of information to help you with each task.

Planning task Where to find information

Determining requirements for setting up your storage array to work with ONTAP

Guidelines for array LUN use with ONTAP

Determining ONTAP limits regarding array LUNs

Determining a LUN security scheme, setting access controls on the storage array and, if switches are deployed, setting zoning on switches

Determining a port-to-port connectivity scheme between the ONTAP systems and the storage array

Determining which ONTAP system is to “own” which array LUN (disk ownership)