ONTAP MetroCluster

Racking the hardware components

Contributors netapp-jtures

If you have not received the equipment already installed in cabinets, you must rack the components.

This task must be performed on both MetroCluster sites.

  1. Plan the positioning of the MetroCluster components.

    The amount of rack space needed depends on the platform model of the storage controllers, the switch types, and the number of disk shelf stacks in your configuration.

  2. Using standard shop practices for working with electrical equipment make sure you are properly grounded.

  3. Install the storage controllers in the rack or cabinet.

  4. Install the disk shelves, daisy-chain the disk shelves in each stack, power them on, and set the shelf IDs.

    See the appropriate guide for your disk shelf model for information about daisy-chaining disk shelves and setting shelf IDs.

    Note Shelf IDs must be unique for each SAS disk shelf within each MetroCluster DR group (including both sites). When manually setting shelf IDs, you must power-cycle the disk shelf.