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The mapping documentation at this site is designed to help you migrate your ONTAP automation code from the NetApp ONTAPI API to the ONTAP REST API. It identifies the equivalent REST API call for each of the legacy ONTAPI calls that require one or more input parameters. Each entry also includes a list of the ONTAPI input parameters mapped to the corresponding REST attributes. More details about the documentation and how to use it are presented below.

Organized by category

The ONTAPI calls are organized in categories. When selecting a specific category from the sidebar, all the ONTAPI calls with their associated REST equivalents are presented on the page.

Searching the documentation

You can search this mapping documentation using the search bar available at the top of the page. If you are interested in a specific ONTAPI call or parameter, you should enclose the search term in double quotes (for example, "ems-autosupport-log"). Alternatively, you can download a PDF version of the entire mapping document and search the PDF locally. Click Available PDFs at the top left to download the PDF.

ONTAP online documentation

After determining the REST API call that replaces an ONTAPI call, you’ll need to review the details of the REST call at the ONTAP online documentation page. See ONTAP API reference for more information.

Using the Storage VM LIFs

Every ONTAPI call with a REST equivalent includes a usage field indicating whether the call can or cannot be used against a Storage VM (SVM) management LIF. If a specific call can be used against an SVM LIF and you are transitioning the call from an SVM management LIF to a cluster management LIF, make sure to specify the SVM name or UUID using the SVM-related properties of the REST endpoint.

ONTAPI calls with no direct REST equivalent

In some cases there is no corresponding REST call available for an ONTAPI call. If there is no direct REST equivalent but there is a CLI equivalent, you can use the REST CLI passthrough feature to access it.

We want to hear from you

NetApp is committed to supporting the modernization of your ONTAP applications as you transition from ONTAPI to REST. If you find any ONTAPI calls or parameters required by your automation processes that are not currently supported by the ONTAP REST API, please let us know!