API reference

The API reference contains the details about all the ONTAP REST API calls, including the HTTP methods, input parameters, and responses. This complete reference is helpful when developing automation applications using the REST API.

Note You can access the online API reference content at your local ONTAP system or a static copy of the documentation maintained by NetApp.

Access the ONTAP API documentation page

You can access the ONTAP API online documentation page at your local ONTAP system.

Before you begin

You must have the following:

  • IP address or host name of the ONTAP cluster management LIF

  • User name and password for an account with authority to access the ONTAP REST API

  1. Type the URL in your browser and press Enter:

  2. Sign in using the ONTAP account.

    The ONTAP API documentation page is displayed with the API calls organized in major resource categories at the bottom.

  3. As an example of an individual API call, scroll down to the cluster category and click GET /cluster.

Access a copy of the ONTAP REST API reference documentation

You can access a copy of the ONTAP REST API reference documentation through the links provided below. The API reference documentation is maintained by ONTAP release.

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