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ONTAP Automation

Tools and software

Contributors dmp-netapp

NetApp provides sample Python scripts and other related software to support your migration from ONTAPI to the ONTAP REST API. The most important of these samples are described below.

Note All the Python code samples are available at the NetApp ONTAP REST Python GitHub repository.
ONTAPI usage reporting tool

The ONTAPI usage reporting tool is designed to help NetApp professional services, customers, and partners identify the ONTAPI usage in their ONTAP environment. Scripts are provided for three different use cases as described in the table below.

Script Description

An Apache log scraper to find the ONTAPI calls issued against the ONTAP nodes

A CLI script to retrieve session statistics data from ONTAP

A script to extract the REST details of the ONTAPI calls and attributes passed

See ONTAPI usage reporting tool for more information.

Private CLI passthrough

The REST API provides broad coverage of the features and facilities available with ONTAP. However, there may be instances when direct access to the ONTAP CLI through the REST API can be useful.

For an introduction to this feature, see Access the ONTAP CLI through the REST API. For the Python samples see REST CLI passthrough samples.

Python client library

The Python client library is a package you can install and use to access the ONTAP REST API with Python. It allows you to quickly develop robust code for the automation of your ONTAP deployments.

For an introduction to the Python client library, see Overview of the Python client library. For the Python samples see Python client library examples.