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Cluster and storage switches

Software install workflow for BES-53248 switches

Contributors netapp-jsnyder netapp-jolieg

To initially install and configure the software for a BES-53248 cluster switch, follow these steps:

  1. Install the EFOS software.

    Download and install the Ethernet Fabric OS (EFOS) software on the BES-53248 cluster switch.

  2. Install licenses for BES-53248 cluster switches.

    Optionally, add new ports by purchasing and installing more licenses. The switch base model is licensed for 16 10GbE or 25GbE ports and two 100GbE ports.

  3. Install the Reference Configuration File (RCF).

    Install the RCF on the BES-53248 cluster switch, and then verify the ports for an additional license after the RCF is applied.

  4. Enable SSH on BES-53248 cluster switches.

    If you use the Cluster Switch Health Monitor (CSHM) and log collection features, enable SSH on the switches.

  5. Enable the log collection feature.

    Use log collection features to collect switch-related log files in ONTAP.

  6. Configure SNMPv3 for monitoring.

    If you use the Cluster Switch Health Monitor (CSHM) feature, configure SNMPv3, which supports Ethernet switch health monitoring (CSHM).