Migrate to a two-node switched cluster with Broadcom-supported BES-53248 cluster switches

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If you have a two-node switchless cluster, you can migrate, non-disruptively, to a two-node switched cluster that includes Broadcom-supported BES-53248 cluster switches. The documented process works for all cluster node ports using optical or Twinax ports but is not supported on this switch if nodes are using onboard 10GBASE-T RJ45 ports for the cluster network ports.

About this task

Most systems require two dedicated cluster-network ports on each controller.

Ensure that the BES-53248 cluster switch is set up as described in Broadcom-supported BES-53248 switches setup and configuration before starting this migration process.

Note After your migration completes, you might need to install the required configuration file to support the Cluster Switch Health Monitor (CSHM) for BES-53248 cluster switches.

See Install the Cluster Switch Health Monitor (CSHM) configuration file and Configure the cluster switch log collection feature for the steps required to enable cluster health switch log collection used for collecting switch-related log files.