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Cluster and storage switches

Replacement requirements

Contributors netapp-jolieg

Before replacing the switch, make sure the following conditions are met in the current environment and on the replacement switch.

Existing cluster and network infrastructure

Make sure that:

  • The existing cluster is verified as completely functional, with at least one fully connected cluster switch.

  • All cluster ports are up.

  • All cluster logical interfaces (LIFs) are administratively and operationally up and on their home ports.

  • The ONTAP cluster ping-cluster -node node1 command must indicate that the settings, basic connectivity and larger than PMTU communication, are successful on all paths.

BES-53248 replacement cluster switch

Make sure that:

  • Management network connectivity on the replacement switch is functional.

  • Console access to the replacement switch is in place.

  • The node connections are ports 0/1 through 0/16 with default licensing.

  • All Inter-Switch Link (ISL) ports are disabled on ports 0/55 and 0/56.

  • The desired reference configuration file (RCF) and EFOS operating system switch image are loaded onto the switch.

  • Initial customization of the switch is complete, as detailed in Configure the BES-53248 cluster switch.

Any previous site customizations, such as STP, SNMP, and SSH, are copied to the new switch.