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SnapCenter Software 4.8
A newer release of this product is available.

Enable CA Certificates for plug-ins

Contributors netapp-soumikd

You should configure the CA certificates and deploy the CA certificates in the SnapCenter Server and the corresponding plug-in hosts. You should enable the CA certificate validation for the plug-ins.

What you will need

  • You can enable or disable the CA certificates using the run Set-SmCertificateSettings cmdlet.

  • You can display the certificate status for the plug-ins using the Get-SmCertificateSettings.

The information regarding the parameters that can be used with the cmdlet and their descriptions can be obtained by running Get-Help command_name. Alternatively, you can also refer to the SnapCenter Software Cmdlet Reference Guide.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Hosts.

  2. In the Hosts page, click Managed Hosts.

  3. Select single or multiple plug-in hosts.

  4. Click More options.

  5. Select Enable Certificate Validation.

After you finish

The Managed Hosts tab host displays a padlock and the color of the padlock indicates the status of the connection between SnapCenter Server and the plug-in host.

  • enable ca issues icon indicates that the CA certificate is neither enabled nor assigned to the plug-in host.

  • enable ca good icon indicates that the CA certificate is successfully validated.

  • enable ca failed icon indicates that the CA certificate could not be validated.

  • enable ca undefined icon indicates that the connection information could not be retrieved.

    Note When the status is yellow or green, the data protection operations completes successfully.