template provision

Provision Data ONTAP resources using the template

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The command template provision provisions ONTAP system based on the template that is passed as an input to the template parameter. A wizard is presented which will accept the required inputs.


-name <template name> - Name of the template
This parameter specifies the name of the template
[-simulate {true|false}] - Simulate
If this parameter is specified, the provisioning is just simulated and there will be no changes done to the system.


The following example provisions a vserver with required protocols using template.

	    cluster-1::> template provision -name VserverEnvironmentSetup
	    Press Ctrl+C to abort.
	    * Setup of vserver *
	    Vserver Name: vs0
	    Vserver Language [C.UTF-8]:
	    Vserver Security Style [unix]:
	    Vserver IPSpace [Default]:

	    * Setup of network.interface *
	    Enter number of instances for object network.interface: 2
	    (1/2)LIF Protocol: nfs
	    (1/2)IP Addr:
	    (1/2)Node Name: node1-vsim1
	    (1/2)Port: e0c
	    (2/2)LIF Protocol: nfs
	    (2/2)IP Addr:
	    (2/2)Node Name: node1-vsim1
	    (2/2)Port: e0c

	    * Setup of network.routes *
	    Enter number of instances for object network.routes: 1

	    * Setup of access.dns *
	    Search Domain: netapp.com
	    DNS IP Addresses List:

	    * Setup of security.nis *
	    NIS Domains: netapp.com
	    NIS IP Address:

	    * Setup of security *
	    LDAP Client Config: ldapconfig
	    LDAP Server IP:
	    LDAP Base DN: dc=examplebasedn

	    * Setup of protocols *
	    Protocols to configure: nfs
	    [Job 15] Configuring vserver for vs0 (100%)