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Update an existing license

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You can convert an evaluation license to a full license, or you can update an existing evaluation or full license with a new license. If you don't have a full license, work with your NetApp sales contact to obtain a full license and serial number. You can use the Astra Control Center UI or Astra Control API to update an existing license.

  1. Log in to the NetApp Support Site.

  2. Access the Astra Control Center Download page, enter the serial number, and download the full NetApp license file (NLF).

  3. Log in to the Astra Control Center UI.

  4. From the left navigation, select Account > License.

  5. In the Account > License page, select the status drop-down menu for the existing license and select Replace.

  6. Browse to the license file that you downloaded.

  7. Select Add.

The Account > Licenses page displays the license information, expiration date, license serial number, account ID, and CPU units used.

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