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When you deploy Astra Control Center, it is installed with an embedded 90-day evaluation license for 4,800 CPU units. If you need more capacity or a longer evaluation period, or want to upgrade to a full license, you can obtain a different evaluation license or full license from NetApp.

You obtain a license in one of the following ways:

For details about licenses needed for ONTAP storage backends, refer to supported storage backends.

Note Make sure that your license enables at least as many CPU units as you need. If the number of CPU units that Astra Control Center is currently managing exceeds the available CPU units in the new license being applied, you'll not be able to apply the new license.

Evaluation licenses and full licenses

An embedded evaluation license is provided with a new Astra Control Center installation. An evaluation license enables the same capabilities and features as a full license for a limited (90 day) period. After the evaluation period, a full license is required to continue with full functionality.

License expiration

If the active Astra Control Center license expires, UI and API functionality for the following features are unavailable:

  • Manual local snapshots and backups

  • Scheduled local snapshots and backups

  • Restoring from a snapshot or backup

  • Cloning from a snapshot or current state

  • Managing new applications

  • Configuring replication policies

How license consumption is calculated

When you add a new cluster to Astra Control Center, it doesn't count toward consumed licenses until at least one application running on the cluster is managed by Astra Control Center.

When you start managing an app on a cluster, all of that cluster's CPU units are included in the Astra Control Center license consumption, except Red Hat OpenShift cluster node CPU units that are reported by a using the label "".

Note Red Hat OpenShift infrastructure nodes do not consume licenses in Astra Control Center. To mark a node as an infrastructure node, apply the label "" to the node.