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Astra Control Center requires a license to be installed for the full App Data Management functionality to be enabled. When you deploy Astra Control Center without a license, a banner is displayed in the web UI, warning that system functionality is limited.

The following operations require a valid license:

  • Managing new applications

  • Creating snapshots or backups

  • Configuring a protection policy to schedule snapshots or backups

  • Restoring from a snapshot or backup

  • Cloning from a snapshot or current state

Note You can add a cluster, add a bucket, and manage an Astra Data Store storage backend without a license. However, you need a valid Astra Control Center license to manage apps using Astra Data Store as a storage backend.

How license consumption is calculated

When you add a new cluster to Astra Control Center, it doesn’t count toward consumed licenses until at least one application running on the cluster is managed by Astra Control Center. You can also add an Astra Data Store storage backend to Astra Control Center without affecting license consumption. This enables you to manage an Astra Data Store backend from an unlicensed Astra Control Center system.

When you start managing an app on a cluster, the cluster’s CPU units are included in the Astra Control Center license consumption calculation.

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