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What's new in this release of Astra Control Center

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We're pleased to announce the latest release of Astra Control Center.

15 March 2024 (24.02.0)

New features and support
  • Deploy Astra Control Center without a private registry: You no longer need to push Astra Control Center images to a private registry or use one as part of your Astra Control environment.

  • Minor bug fixes

(Tech preview) Declarative Kubernetes workflows

This Astra Control Center release contains declarative Kubernetes functionality that enables you to perform data management from a native Kubernetes custom resource (CR).

After you install the Astra Connector on the cluster you want to manage, you'll be able to perform the following CR-based cluster operations in the UI or from a CR:

7 November 2023 (23.10.0)

New features and support
  • Backup and restore capabilities for applications with ontap-nas-economy driver-backed storage backends: Enable backup and restore operations for ontap-nas-economy with some simple steps.

  • Immutable Backups: Astra Control now supports unalterable, read-only backups as an additional security layer against malware and other threats.

  • Introducing Astra Control Provisioner

    With the 23.10 release, Astra Control introduces a new software component called Astra Control Provisioner that will be available to all licensed Astra Control users. Astra Control Provisioner provides access to a superset of advanced management and storage provisioning features beyond those that Astra Trident provides. These features are available to all Astra Control customers at no additional cost.

    • Get started with Astra Control Provisioner
      You can enable Astra Control Provisioner if you have installed and configured your environment to use Astra Trident 23.10.

    • Astra Control Provisioner functionality

      The following features are available with the Astra Control Provisioner 23.10 release:

      • Enhanced storage backend security with Kerberos 5 encryption: You can improve storage security by enabling encryption for the traffic between your managed cluster and the storage backend. Astra Control Provisioner supports Kerberos 5 encryption over NFSv4.1 connections from Red Hat OpenShift clusters to Azure NetApp Files and on-premises ONTAP volumes

      • Recover data using a snapshot: Astra Control Provisioner provides rapid, in-place volume restoration from a snapshot using the TridentActionSnapshotRestore (TASR) CR.

      • SnapMirror enhancements: Use the app replication feature in environments where Astra Control does not have direct connectivity to an ONTAP cluster or access to ONTAP credentials. This feature allows you to use replication without having to manage a storage backend or its credentials in Astra Control.

      • Backup and restore capabilities for applications with ontap-nas-economy driver-backed storage backends: As described above.

  • Support for managing applications that use NVMe/TCP storage
    Astra Control can now manage applications backed by persistent volumes that are connected using NVMe/TCP.

  • Execution hooks turned off by default: Beginning with this release, execution hooks functionality can be enabled or disabled for additional security (it is disabled by default). If you have not yet created execution hooks for use with Astra Control, you need to enable the execution hooks feature to begin creating hooks. If you created execution hooks prior to this release, the execution hooks functionality stays enabled and you can use hooks as you would normally.

18 May 2023 (23.04.2)

This patch release (23.04.2) for Astra Control Center (23.04.0) provides support for Kubernetes CSI external snapshotter v6.1.0 and fixes the following:

  • A bug with in-place application restore when using execution hooks

  • Connection issues with the bucket service

8 September 2022 (22.08.1)

This patch release (22.08.1) for Astra Control Center (22.08.0) fixes minor bugs in app replication using NetApp SnapMirror.

10 August 2022 (22.08.0)

New features and support