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Astra Control Center
A newer release of this product is available.

Resolved issues


These issues have been corrected in this release of the product.

Extra backups are retained as part of scheduled backup

Sometimes one or more backups in Astra Control Center are retained beyond the number specified to be retained in the backup schedule. These extra backups should be deleted as part of a scheduled backup but are not deleted and are stuck in a pending state.

Backup or clone fails for apps using PVCs with decimal units in Astra Control Center

Volumes created with decimal units fail using the Astra Control Center backup or clone process.

Astra Control Center UI slow to show changes to app resources such as persistent volume changes

After a data protection operation (clone, backup, restore) and subsequent persistent volume resize, there is up to a twenty-minute delay before the new volume size is shown in the UI. This delay in the UI can also occur when any app resources are added or modified. In this case, a data protection operation is successful within minutes and you can use the management software for the storage backend to confirm the change in volume size.

Incorrect cluster role binding created by Astra Control Center custom resource definition during installation

The patch to correct cluster role binding during installation is no longer required in this release.

ASUP collection stuck in a generating or uploading state

If an ASUP pod is stopped or restarted, an ASUP collection might become stuck in a generating or uploading state.

Operator-deployed apps and namespaces

An operator and the app it deploys must use the same namespace. Astra Control supports only one operator-deployed app per namespace.