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Astra Control Center
A newer release of this product is available.

Known issues with Astra Data Store preview and this Astra Control Center release


Known issues identify problems that might prevent you from using this release of the product successfully.

The following known issues affect the management of Astra Data Store with this current release of the Astra Control Center:

Astra Data Store preview cannot be used as a storage class for Astra Control Center due to MongoDB pod liveness probe failure

When you attempt to use Astra Data Store preview as the storage class provisioner during an Astra Control Center deployment, the MongoDB pod liveness probe fails, resulting in a deployment that will not complete.

To correct this issue, make the following changes in addition to the standard YAML changes when completing the Astra Control Center installation process:

  1. Edit the Astra Control Center operator deployment YAML (astra_control_center_operator_deploy.yaml) to change the Helm install timeout:

      value: 20m
  2. Edit the Astra Control Center custom resource (CR) file (astra_control_center_min.yaml) and include the highlighted additional values under spec:

    kind: AstraControlCenter
      name: astra
      accountName: "Example"
      astraVersion: "ASTRA_VERSION"
      astraAddress: ""
        enrolled: true
      email: "[]"
      firstName: "SRE"
      lastName: "Admin"
        name: "[your_registry_path]"
        secret: "astra-registry-cred"
      storageClass: "ontap-gold"
              initialDelaySeconds: 400
              initialDelaySeconds: 400

Astra Control Center shows Astra Data Store preview storage backend in Unknown state

Astra Control Center shows the Astra Data Store preview storage backend in an Unknown state from the Backends page in the UI. In this condition, the storage backend is actually available and can be communicated with. A component within the storage backend is likely in an unhealthy state and needs to be returned to a healthy state for the storage backend to show as available.