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Kubernetes clusters

Kubernetes data management in BlueXP

Contributors juliantap netapp-bcammett

Astra Trident is a fully-supported open source project maintained by NetApp. Astra Trident integrates natively with Kubernetes and its Persistent Volume framework to seamlessly provision and manage volumes from systems running any combination of NetApp storage platforms. Learn more about Trident.


Using BlueXP and a compatible version of Astra Trident deployed using the Trident operator, you can:

Supported Kubernetes deployments

Supported Astra Trident deployments

One of the four most recent versions of Astra Trident deployed using the Trident operator is required.

Note Astra Trident deployed using tridentctl is not supported. If you deployed Astra Trident using tridentctl, you cannot use BlueXP to manage your Kubernetes clusters. You must uninstall using tridentctl and reinstall using the Trident operator or using BlueXP.

You can install Astra Trident or upgrade to a supported version directly from BlueXP.

Supported backend storage

NetApp Astra Trident must be installed on each Kubernetes cluster and Cloud Volumes ONTAP or Amazon FSx for ONTAP must be configured as backend storage for the clusters.


There are no charges to discover your Kubernetes clusters in BlueXP, but you will be charged when you back up persistent volumes using Cloud Backup Service.