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Kubernetes clusters

Import an OpenShift cluster to BlueXP

Contributors juliantap netapp-bcammett

Import a self-managed OpenShift cluster to BlueXP so you can start backing up persistent volumes to your Cloud provider.

Import a Cluster

You can import a self-managed Kubernetes cluster using a Kubernetes configuration file.

Before you begin

Before importing an OpenShift cluster, you need:

  • The `kubeconfig-sa`file you created in create a kubeconfig file.

  • The public Certificate Authority (for example, ca.crt), Client Key (for example, tls.key), and Client Certification (for example, tls.crt) files for the cluster.

  1. On the Canvas, select Add Working Environment.

  2. Select your Cloud provider and select Kubernetes Cluster > Discover.

  3. Select Import Cluster then Next.

  4. Upload the kubeconfig-sa file you created in create a kubeconfig file. Select the Kubernetes cluster and select Next.

    A screenshot of the import Kubernetes cluster page with configuration file and available clusters table.

  5. Upload the cluster certificates.

    A screenshot of the cluster certificate upload screen.


BlueXP adds the Kubernetes cluster to the Canvas.