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Kubernetes clusters

Manage Astra Trident

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After you add a managed Kubernetes cluster to the Canvas, you can use BlueXP to confirm a compatible Astra Trident installation, install or upgrade Astra Trident to the latest version, or uninstall Astra Trident.

Astra Trident in BlueXP

After adding Kubernetes clusters to BlueXP, you can manage Astra Trident and your Kubernetes clusters from the overview page. To open the overview page, double-click the Kubernetes working environment on the Canvas.

A screenshot of the Kubernetes resource page showing details for the cluster.^

Supported Astra Trident versions

One of the four most recent versions of Astra Trident deployed using the Trident operator—​either manually or using Helm chart—​is required. If Astra Trident is not installed, or an incompatible version of Astra Trident is installed, the cluster will show there is an action required.

Note Astra Trident deployed using tridentctl is not supported. If you deployed Astra Trident using tridentctl, you cannot use BlueXP to manage your Kubernetes clusters or uninstall Astra Trident. You must uninstall using tridentctl and reinstall Astra Trident either manually using the Trident operator or in BlueXP using Install or upgrade Astra Trident.

To learn more about Astra Trident, see Astra Trident documentation.

Install or upgrade Astra Trident

You can review your Astra Trident installation status and version on the overview page. If Astra Trident is not already installed, or an incompatible version is installed, you can manage that using BlueXP.

  1. Double-click the Kubernetes working environment on the Canvas or click Enter Working Environment.

    1. If Astra Trident is not installed, click Install Trident.

      A screenshot of the K8s resource page showing no Astra Trident installation and button to install Astra Trident.

    2. If an unsupported version of Astra Trident is installed, click Upgrade Trident.

      A screenshot of the process to upgrade Astra Trident.

      Note You cannot use BlueXP to upgrade from Astra Trident versions earlier than 21.01. To upgrade from an earlier version, refer to Upgrade with the operator.

The latest version of Astra Trident is installed. You can now add storage classes.

Uninstall Astra Trident

If you installed Astra Trident using BlueXP or using the Trident operator (either Helm or manually), you can uninstall it using BlueXP.

  • After uninstalling Astra Trident you cannot create new persistent volumes, but existing volumes are still available.

  • While Astra Trident is uninstalled, backup is unavailable.

  • You can reinstall Astra Trident to the working environment at any time to continue managing clusters.

Uninstalling Astra Trident using BlueXP does not remove all Astra Trident services applied during installation. To completely remove Astra Trident, including all custom resource definitions (CRDs) it creates, refer to uninstall using the Trident operator

  1. From the overview page, select the ellipses and Uninstall Astra Trident.

    A screenshot of the menu to uninstall Astra Trident.

  2. Select Uninstall to confirm and uninstall Astra Trident.


Astra Trident is now uninstalled from the working environment. You can reinstall Astra Trident at any time.