Witness Node resource requirements for two-node storage clusters

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NetApp HCI supports a minimum installation size of two storage nodes and two compute nodes. When you install NetApp HCI using a two or three-node storage cluster, you need to be aware of NetApp HCI Witness Nodes and their VM resource requirements.

When a storage cluster uses two or three nodes, it also deploys a pair of Witness Nodes alongside each storage cluster. Witness Nodes have the following VM resource requirements:

Resource Requirement





Disk size


NetApp HCI supports only certain storage node models in two-node or three-node storage clusters. For more information, see the Release Notes for your NetApp HCI version.

Note When the NetApp HCI installation process installs Witness Nodes, a virtual machine template is stored in VMware vCenter that you can use to redeploy a Witness Node in case it is accidentally removed, lost, or corrupted. You can also use the template to redeploy a Witness Node if you need to replace a failed compute node that was hosting the Witness Node. For instructions, see the Redeploy Witness Nodes for two and three-node storage clusters section here.

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