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Compute Firmware Bundle 2.146 Release Notes

Contributors netapp-pcarriga netapp-yvonneo

The downloadable compute firmware bundle contains the latest BIOS and BMC feature enhancements, bugfixes, and hardware support for all supported NetApp HCI compute nodes.

What's New

Version 2.146 contains general bugfixes.

Updated firmware components

This firmware package contains the following firmware versions for hardware components, with updated versions in bold:

Component H300E, H500E, H700E H410C H610C H615C











NIC / Mellanox

Changes in firmware components

Here are the details of the improvements and changes included in each new firmware component:

Node and firmware component Improvements and changes

H300E/H500E/H700E NA3.4

  • Enable Post Packet Repair (PPR)

  • IPU 2020.2 microcode

H410C NATP3.10

  • IPU 2020.2 microcode

H610C 3B07

  • Enhance logging of PPR events in SEL

  • IPU 2020.2 microcode

H615C 3B12.CO

  • Enhance logging of PPR events in SEL

  • IPU 2020.2 microcode

H300E/H500E/H700E 6.98.00

  • LDAP BIND ID field length to 128 chars

  • Disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1

H610C 4.04.07

  • BIOS PPR event log parsing in BMC SEL

  • LDAP BIND ID field length to 128 chars

  • Group Domain of LDAP length to 128 chars

H615C 4.72.07

  • BIOS PPR event log parsing in BMC SEL

  • Group Domain of LDAP length to 128 chars

Mellanox NIC firmware driver compatibility

The updated Mellanox firmware versions 14.25.1020 and 14.24.1000 are compatible only with the following versions of the VMware ESXi driver:

  • ESXi 7.0: H300E/H500E/H700E/H410C: Version

  • ESXi 7.0: H610C/H615C: Version

  • ESXi 6.7: Version

  • ESXi 6.5: Version

Note Before upgrading to version 2.146, make sure you check the current ESXi driver version. If the driver is out of date, upgrade the driver first. Then upgrade the compute firmware to version 2.146 for your compute nodes. Visit Update compute node drivers for instructions on updating your compute node drivers, which include the ESXi driver.

While NetApp Deployment Engine 1.8P1 does not deploy ESXi version 7.0, ESXi 7.0 is supported as a self-install or manual upgrade option. When you manually install or upgrade host OSes, NetApp cannot control the drivers and firmware for these OSes.

Download Compute Firmware Bundle 2.146

To download the Compute Firmware Bundle:

  1. Go to the NetApp HCI downloads page.

  2. Choose Compute_Firmware_Bundle from the drop down list.

  3. Click Go.

Visit Update compute node firmware for instructions on updating your compute node firmware.

Resolved security vulnerabilities

The following are security vulnerabilities that have been resolved in this release:

  • CVE-2019-20636

  • CVE-2019-11599, CVE-2020-12826, CVE-2020-12464, CVE-2020-12114

  • CVE-2019-0151, CVE-2019-0123, CVE-2019-0117

  • CVE-2016-3706, CVE-2011-5320, CVE-2015-8984, CVE-2015-8983, CVE-2015-8982, CVE-2006-7254, CVE-2005-3590

  • CVE-2020-20811, CVE-2020-20812

  • CVE-2020-25641

  • CVE-2020-14386, CVE-2020-14314, CVE-2020-25641, CVE-2020-1438, CVE-2020-14314, CVE-2020-25641

  • CVE-2020-8738, CVE-2020-8764, CVE-2020-0590, CVE-2020-8705

  • CVE-2020-0587, CVE-2020-0591, CVE-2020-0592, CVE-2020-8740

  • CVE-2020-0592, CVE-2020-0588, CVE-2020-8696

Resolved and known issues

See the Bugs Online tool for details of issues that have been resolved and for any new issues.

Accessing the BOL tool

  1. Navigate to the BOL tool and select Element Software from the drop-down list:

    Storage firmware bundle release notes
  2. In the keyword search field, type “Compute Firmware Bundle” and click New Search:

    Storage firmware bundle release notes
  3. A list of resolved or open bugs is displayed. You can further refine the results as shown:

    Storage firmware bundle release notes

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