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ONTAP MetroCluster

Start here: Choose between controller upgrade, system refresh, or expansion

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Depending on the scope of the equipment upgrade, you choose a controller upgrade procedure, a system refresh procedure, or an expansion procedure.

  • Controller upgrade procedures apply only to the controller modules. The controllers are replaced with a new controller model.

    The storage shelf models are not upgraded.

    • In switchover and switchback procedures, the MetroCluster switchover operation is used to provide nondisruptive service to clients while the controller modules on the partner cluster are upgraded.

    • In an ARL-based controller upgrade procedure, the aggregate relocation operations are used to nondisruptively move data from the old configuration to the new, upgraded configuration.

  • Refresh procedures apply to the controllers and the storage shelves.

    In the refresh procedures, new controllers and shelves are added to the MetroCluster configuration, creating a second DR group, and then data is nondisruptively migrated to the new nodes.

    The original controllers are then retired.

  • Expansion procedures add additional controllers and shelves to the MetroCluster configuration without removing any.

    The procedure you use depends on the type of MetroCluster and number of existing controllers.

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