Creating a sample report: Capacity Utilization by Data Center and Tier

You can create reports using Workspace Advanced. In this example, we will create a report using the “Storage and Storage Pool Capacity” data model, displaying the distribution of capacity by data center and tier.

About this task

To create this report:

Follow these steps:


  1. Access the OnCommand Insight Reporting Portal.
  2. From the Launch menu (upper right corner), select Cognos Workspace Advanced.
  3. From the list of packages in the Packages folder, select Storage and Storage Pool Capacity.
  4. On the Cognos Workspace Advanced landing page, select Create New.
  5. From the pre-defined report layouts, choose List and click OK.
  6. Expand the Physical Capacity from the Storage and Storage Pool Capacity package:

  7. Expand Data Center and drag Data Center into the list:

  8. Expand Tier and drag Tier into the list besides Data Center:

  9. Expand Capacity (TB) and drag in Capacity (TB), Used Capacity (TB), Volume Capacity (TB), Internal Volume Allocated Capacity (TB) into the list:

  10. To filter on the latest data, drag in Latest Date into the list:

  11. Rename the title of the report and save.