Add and remove credentials

Add and remove credentials for local private cloud providers such as ONTAP S3, Kubernetes clusters managed with OpenShift, or unmanaged Kubernetes clusters from your account at any time. Astra Control Center uses these credentials to discover Kubernetes clusters and the apps on the clusters, and to provision resources on your behalf.

Note that all users in Astra Control Center share the same sets of credentials.

Add credentials

You can add credentials to Astra Control Center when you manage clusters. To add credentials by adding a new cluster, see Add a Kubernetes cluster.

Important If you create your own kubeconfig file, you should define only one context element in it. See Kubernetes documentation for information about creating kubeconfig files.

Remove credentials

Remove credentials from an account at any time. You should only remove credentials after unmanaging all associated clusters.

Note The first set of credentials that you add to Astra Control Center is always in use because Astra Control Center uses the credentials to authenticate to the backup bucket. It’s best not to remove these credentials.
  1. Click Account > Credentials.

  2. Click the drop-down list in the State column for the credentials that you want to remove.

  3. Click Remove.

    A screenshot of the Credentials tab in the Account page where you can click the state column and select the Remove action.

  4. Type the word "remove" to confirm deletion and then click Yes, Remove Credential.


Astra Control Center removes the credentials from the account.