Learn about Azure NetApp Files

Azure NetApp Files enables enterprises to migrate and run their performance-intensive and latency-sensitive core, business-critical applications in Azure with no need to refactor for the cloud.


  • Support for multiple protocols enables "lift & shift" of both Linux & Windows applications to run seamlessly in Azure.

  • Multiple performance tiers allow for close alignment with workload performance requirements.

  • Leading certifications including SAP HANA, GDPR, and HIPAA enables migration of the most demanding workloads to Azure.

Additional features in BlueXP

  • Migrate NFS or SMB data to Azure NetApp Files directly from BlueXP. Data migrations are powered by BlueXP copy and sync.

  • Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven technology, BlueXP classification can help you understand data context and identify sensitive data that resides in your Azure NetApp Files accounts.


Note that your subscription and charging are maintained by the Azure NetApp Files service and not by BlueXP.

Supported regions

Getting help

For technical support issues associated with Azure NetApp Files, use the Azure portal to log a support request to Microsoft. Select your associated Microsoft subscription and select the Azure NetApp Files service name under Storage. Provide the remaining information required to create your Microsoft support request.