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BlueXP digital wallet

Manage licenses for BlueXP data services

Contributors netapp-bcammett

The BlueXP digital wallet enables you to manage licenses that you purchased directly from NetApp (BYOL) for use with BlueXP backup and recovery, classification, disaster recovery, and tiering. You can view used license capacity, how much free capacity you have left, and you'll see notifications if you reached the capacity limit or the expiration date.

The instructions on this page provide information that applies to each service. For more specific information about the licensing for these services, refer to the following pages:

Obtain a license file

After you purchase a license, you can activate the license in BlueXP either by entering the serial number and NSS account, or by uploading the NetApp license file (NLF). The steps below show how to get the NLF license file if you plan to use that method.

  1. Sign in to the NetApp Support Site and select Systems > Software Licenses.

  2. Enter the serial number for your license.

    A screenshot that shows a table of licenses after searching by serial number.

  3. In the License Key column, select Get NetApp License File.

  4. Enter your BlueXP Account ID (this is called a Tenant ID on the support site) and select Submit to download the license file.

    A screenshot that shows the get license dialog box where you enter your tenant ID and then select Submit to download the license file.

    You can find your BlueXP Account ID by selecting the Account drop-down from the top of BlueXP, and then selecting Manage Account next to your account. Your Account ID is in the Overview tab.

Add a license

After you purchase a license for a BlueXP data service, you need to add the license to BlueXP.

  1. From the BlueXP menu, select Governance > Digital wallet and then select the Data Services Licenses tab.

  2. Select Add License.

  3. In the Add License dialog, enter the license information and select Add License:

    • If you have the serial number and know your NSS account, select the Enter Serial Number option and enter that information.

      If your NetApp Support Site account isn't available from the drop-down list, add the NSS account to BlueXP

    • If you have the license file (required when using BlueXP in private mode), select the Upload License File option and follow the prompts to attach the file.

      A screenshot that shows the page to add the BYOL license.


BlueXP adds the license.

Update a license

If your licensed term is nearing the expiration date, or if your licensed capacity is reaching the limit, you'll be notified in the BlueXP digital wallet. You can update your license before it expires so that there is no interruption in your ability to use the BlueXP data service.

A screenshot that shows an expiring license in the Digital Wallet page.

  1. Select the chat icon in the lower-right of BlueXP, or contact support, to request an extension to your term or additional capacity to your license for the particular serial number.

    After you pay for the license and it is registered with the NetApp Support Site, BlueXP automatically updates the license in the digital wallet and the Data Services Licenses page will reflect the change in 5 to 10 minutes.

  2. If BlueXP can't automatically update the license (for example, when using BlueXP in private mode), then you'll need to manually upload the license file.

    1. You can obtain the license file from the NetApp Support Site.

    2. On the Data Services Licenses tab, select More icon for the service serial number you are updating, and select Update License.

      A screenshot of selecting the Update License button for a particular service.

    3. In the Update License page, upload the license file and select Update License.


BlueXP updates the license.