Get started

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Get started with SnapCenter Service to protect your data in a few steps.

One Access Cloud Manager

You should sign up to NetApp Cloud Central, log into Cloud Manager, and then set up a NetApp account.

Only an Account Admin can deploy the SnapCenter Service. However, both Account Admin and SnapCenter Admin can perform different operations. Learn more

Two Ensure that the prerequisites are met

You should ensure that all the prerequisites to create a Connector and enable SnapCenter Service are met.

Three Create a Connector in Azure for SnapCenter Service

You should create a Connector in Azure for SnapCenter Service.

If you have a connector that meets all the prerequisites, you can use that.

Four Set up and discover Azure NetApp Files

Create an Azure NetApp Files working environment in Cloud Manager to create and manage NetApp accounts, capacity pools, volumes, and snapshots. Learn more

Five Enable SnapCenter Service

You should enable SnapCenter Service using the Cloud Manager UI. When the SnapCenter Service is enabled, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster is created that will host the SnapCenter Service.

Six Install the HDBSQL client

You should install the HDBSQL client to perform data protection operations on SAP HANA databases. The HDBSQL client is used to communicate with the SAP HANA systems.

Seven Protect SAP HANA systems

You should manually add the SAP HANA systems.

You can then back up your SAP HANA system using system-defined or custom policies. In the event of data loss, you can restore the SAP HANA system using the backup of that system.