Install the HDBSQL client

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After enabling the SnapCenter Service, install the HDBSQL client to perform data protection operations on SAP HANA databases. The HDBSQL client is used to communicate with the SAP HANA systems.


  1. Download HDB Client software from your SAP account.

    It is an archive file with (.SAR) extension. Example: IMDB_CLIENT20_008_20-80002082.SAR

    Note The HDB Client software version should be or later.
  2. Download the latest SAPCAR utility from your SAP account. Example: SAPCAR_1010-70006178.EXE

  3. On the Cloud Manager UI, click Connector to obtain the connector name.

  4. Log into Microsoft Azure portal.

  5. Click Virtual machines.

  6. Search for the Cloud Manager Connector and copy the public IP address assigned to the Connector.

    If the Connector does not have public IP enabled, you should use a jump host.

  7. Copy the SAPCAR utility and HDB Client archive (.SAR) file to the Connector machine.

    To copy the file to the Connector path, you need the credentials, or the key provided while creating the Connector.

    • scp <SAPCAR_utility> <usersername>@<IP_ADDRESS>:/home/<username>

    • scp <HDB_Client_archive> <username>@<IP_ADDRESS>:/home/<username>

      The file are copied to /home/<username>.

  8. Log into the Connector VM with the ssh credentials or key.

  9. Run the following commands in the Connector VM to install the HDBSQL client in the AKS.

    1. sudo cp /home/<username>/<SAPCAR_utility> /var/lib/docker/volumes/cloudmanager_snapcenter_volume/_data/

    2. sudo cp /home/<username>/< HDB_Client_archive> /var/lib/docker/volumes/cloudmanager_snapcenter_volume/_data/

    3. sudo docker exec -it cloudmanager_snapcenter /bin/bash /opt/netapp/hdbclient/ --archivefile <HDB_Client_archive> --archiveutil <SAPCAR_utility>

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