What’s new with SnapCenter Service

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Learn what’s new in SnapCenter Service.

21 Dec 2021

Fixes for Apache Log4j vulnerabilities

SnapCenter Service 1.0.1 upgrades Apache Log4j from version 2.9.1 to 2.17 to address the following vulnerabilities: CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-4104, and CVE-2021-45105.

The SnapCenter Service cluster should auto-update to the latest version. You should ensure that the version in the SnapCenter Service UI shows that the cluster is or later.

13 Oct 2021

Support for SnapCenter Service 1.0.0

  • SnapCenter Service provides data protection capabilities for applications running on NetApp® Cloud Storage. SnapCenter Service enabled within NetApp Cloud Manager offers efficient, application consistent, policy-based backup and restore of SAP HANA® Systems residing on Azure NetApp Files (ANF).

  • You should create a Connector, enable SnapCenter Service, add SAP HANA systems, and then perform backup and restore operations.