Restore SAP HANA systems

Contributors netapp-soumikd

In the event of data loss, restore the SAP HANA system from one of the backups of that system.

Only storage restore is supported. You should put the HANA system in recovery mode using SAP HANA Studio or SAP HANA Cockpit before restoring because recovery of HANA system is not supported.


  1. On the SnapCenter Service page, click SAP HANA Systems.

    The systems added to the SnapCenter Service are displayed.

  2. Click A screenshot of the icon to view details corresponding to the system that you want to restore.

  3. Click View Backups.

  4. In the Backups section, click A screenshot of the icon to view details corresponding to the backup that you want to use to restore the system.

  5. Click Restore.

  6. Review the message and select Yes, Restore to confirm.

Important After restoring the database, if you do a point-in-time recovery of the SAP HANA system using HANA Studio then the data backup catalog entries which were deleted by SnapCenter Service as per the retention setting, might be restored.
If the deleted data backup catalog entries are restored because of the recovery operation, SnapCenter Service will not be able to detect and delete them. This could result in SnapCenter Service not cleaning the log catalog properly.
You can verify the backup entries in SnapCenter Service to find out which all data backup catalog entries are newly restored and manually delete those entries.