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ONTAP Technical Reports

SAN technical reports

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ONTAP SAN storage delivers a simplified SAN experience that provides high availability for your organization’s mission-critical databases and other SAN workloads. With best-in-class data services integration with Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft SQL Server databases, plus VMware and other leading hypervisors, ONTAP SAN delivers accelerated time-to-value for enterprise database applications.


These technical reports expand on the ONTAP SAN storage management product documentation.

TR-4080: Best practices for modern SAN in ONTAP
Learn about block protocols in ONTAP as well as recommendations practices.

TR-4684: Implementing and configuring modern SANs with NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF)
Learn how to implement and configure NVMe over Fabrics transports (NVMe over Fibre Channel and NVMe over TCP). Topics include design, implementation, configuration, management guidelines and recommended practices to build highly available, high-performance modern SAN solutions using NVMe protocols and transports.

TR-4968: NetApp All-SAN Array data availability and integrity
Learn how the various data protection and data integrity features of a All SAN array systems work to achieve maximum application uptime plus recommended practices for designing, implementing, and managing a SAN network.

Modern SAN Cloud-Connected Flash Solution
This NetApp Verified Architecture has been jointly designed and verified by NetApp, VMware, andBroadcom. It uses the latest Brocade, Emulex, and VMware vSphere technology solutions along with NetApp all-flash storage, which sets a new standard for enterprise SAN storage and data protection that will drive superior business value.