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ONTAP Technical Reports

Data protection and disaster recovery technical reports

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SnapMirror is a cost-effective, easy-to-use unified replication solution across the data fabric. It replicates data at high speeds over LAN or WAN. You get high data availability and fast data replication for your business-critical applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle, in both virtual and traditional environments. When you replicate data to one or more ONTAP storage systems and continually update the secondary data, your data is kept current and is available whenever you need it. No external replication servers are required.


These technical reports expand on the ONTAP Data protection and disaster recovery product documentation.


SnapMirror Asynchronous
TR-4015: SnapMirror Asynchronous configuration and best practices
Learn about recommended practices for configuring SnapMirror Asynchronous (SM-A) replication of volumes, consistency groups, and storage virtual machines (SVM disaster recovery).

TR-4678: Data protection and backup ONTAP FlexGroup volumes
Learn about recommended data protection and backup for FlexGroup volumes. Topics include Snapshot copies, SnapMirror, and other data protection and backup solutions.

SnapMirror Synchronous
TR-4733: SnapMirror Synchronous configuration and best practices
Learn about recommended practices for configuring SnapMirror Synchronous (SM-S) replication.

SnapMirror Three-Data-Center DR
TR-4832: Three-Data-Center disaster recovery using NetApp SnapMirror for ONTAP 9.7
Learn about a three-data-center disaster recovery configuration using ONTAP SnapMirror technology for replication.

Application and infrastructure with SnapMirror

link:TR-4900: VMware Site Recovery Manager with ONTAP
ONTAP has been a leading storage solution for VMware vSphere environments since its introduction into the modern data center in 2002, and it continues to add innovative capabilities to simplify management while reducing costs. Learn about recommended the ONTAP solution for VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), VMware's industry leading disaster recovery (DR) software, including the latest product information and recommended practices to streamline deployment, reduce risk, and simplify ongoing management.