Setting up the multipath.conf file

The multipath.conf file is the configuration file for the multipath daemon, multipathd. The multipath.conf file overrides the built-in configuration table for multipathd. Any line in the file whose first non-white-space character is # is considered a comment line. Empty lines are ignored.

Note: For SANtricity operating system 8.30, NetApp recommends using the default settings as provided.

Example multipath.conf are available in the following locations:

All the lines in the sample multipath.conf file are commented out. The file is divided into five sections:

The DM-MP multipath driver has built-in default values, as well as built-in settings for different vendor and product ID combinations. When defining sections in multipath.conf, it has the following effects:

In the following tasks, you modify the default, blacklist and devices sections of the multipath.conf file. Remove the initial # character from the start of each line you modify.