Managing security on an RAU or EMU

The securityadmin tool allows you to manage security options on RAUs and EMUs. You might need to backup or restore a vault configuration, change encryption keys, or update passwords for the acquisition units.

About this task

You use the securityadmin tool to manage security:
One scenario for updating the security configuration for the LAU, RAU and EMU is to update the 'acquisition' user password when the password for that user has been changed on the server. All of the RAUs, EMUs and the LAU use the same password as that of the server 'acquisition' user to communicate with the server.
The 'acquisition' user only exists on the Insight server. The RAU, LAU, and EMU login as that user when they connect to the server.

Use the following steps to manage security options on an RAU or EMU:


  1. Perform a remote login to the server running the RAU or EMU
  2. Start the security admin tool in interactive mode: Windows - C:\Program Files\SANscreen\securityadmin\bin\securityadmin.bat -iLinux - /bin/ -i
    The system requests login credentials.
  3. Enter the user name and password for an account with "Admin" credentials.
    The system displays the menu for the RAU/EMU
    Creates a backup zip file of the vault containing all passwords and keys and places the file in a location specified by the user, or in the following default locations:
    • Windows - C:\Program Files\SANscreen\backup\vault
    • Linux - /var/log/netapp/oci/backup/vault
    Restores the zip backup of the vault that was created. Once restored, all passwords and keys are reverted to values existing at the time of the backup creation.
    Note: Restore can be used to synchronize passwords and keys on multiple servers, for example:
    • Change encryption keys on one server
    • Create a backup of the vault
    • Restore the vault backup to the second server
    Change Encryption Keys
    Change the RAU or EMU encryption keys used to encrypt or decrypt device passwords.
    Important: When you change encryption keys, you should backup your new security configuration so that you can restore it after an upgrade or installation.
    Update Password
    Change password for 'acquisition' user account.
    Important: Some accounts need to be synchronized when passwords are changed. For example, if you change the password for the 'acquisition' user on the server, you need to change the password for the 'acquisition' user on the LAU, RAU, DWH, and EMU to match. Also, when you change passwords, you should backup your new security configuration so that you can restore it after an upgrade or installation.
    Reset to Defaults
    Resets encryption keys and passwords to default values. Default values are those provided during installation.
    Exit the securityadmin tool.