Scheduling synchronization to occur daily

You can use the Windows task scheduler to automatically sync the ServiceNow connector.

About this task

Automatic synchronization ensures that Insight data is regularly moved to ServiceNow. You can use any method for scheduling. The following steps use the Windows task scheduler to accomplish automatic syncing.


  1. On the Windows screen, click Start and enter run > task scheduler.
  2. Click Create Basic Task...
  3. Enter a meaningful name, such as OCI2SNOW Connector Sync. Enter a description of the task. Click Next.
  4. Select to run the task Daily. Click Next.
  5. Choose a time of day to run the task. Click Next.
  6. For Action, select Start a program. Click Next.
  7. In the Program/script field, enter C:\OCI2SNOW\oci_snow_sync_pyz. In the Arguments field, enter sync. In the Start in field, enter C:\OCI2SNOW. Click next.
  8. Review the Summary details, and click Finish.
    The synchronization is now scheduled to run daily.