Verifying the Data Warehouse and Reporting installation

After a successful OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse installation, you should ensure that all of the DWH and Reporting services are available in your Microsoft Windows services.


  1. From the Windows Start menu, select Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services.
  2. Ensure that the following entries appear in the list of services:
    Name / State Description
    SANScreen Server / Running The OnCommand Insight DWH server
    MySQL / Running The OnCommand Insight SQL database
    IBM Cognos / Running IBM Cognos Content Database
    DB2- DB2COPY1 - DB2-0 / Running Manage Db2 databases
    DB2 Governor (DB2COPY1) / Not running Collects statistics for applications connected to Db2 databases.
    DB2 License Server (DB2COPY1) / Not running Monitors Db2 license compliance.
    DB2 Management Service (DB2COPY1) / Running Manages Db2 registry entries for compatibility with earlier Db2 copy versions.
    DB2 Remote Command Server (DB2COPY1) / Running Supports remote Db2 command execution.
    IBM Secure Shell Server for Windows / Not running IBM Secure Shell Server for Windows