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Back up datastores to StorageGRID

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You can back up one or more datastores to StorageGRID by integrating the SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere host with BlueXP. This will help the VM administrators to easily and quickly back up and archive data for storage efficiency and accelerate cloud transition.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have met all the requirements before backing up datastores to the cloud.

  1. In BlueXP UI, click Protection > Backup and recovery > Virtual Machines.

  2. Click action corresponding to the datastore that you want to back up and click Activate Backup.

  3. In the Assign Policy page, select the policy and click Next.

  4. Add the working environment.

    Configure the cluster management LIF that you want BlueXP to discover. After adding the working environment for one of the datastores, it can be reused for all the other datastores residing on the same ONTAP cluster.

    1. Click Add Working Environment corresponding to the SVM.

    2. In the Add Working Environment wizard:

      1. Specify the IP address of the cluster management LIF.

      2. Specify the credentials of the ONTAP cluster user.

    3. Click Add Working Environment.

  5. Select StorageGRID.

    1. Specify the Storage Server IP.

    2. Select the access key and secret key.

  6. Review the details and click Activate Backup.