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On-premises ONTAP clusters

Optimize clusters using BlueXP digital advisor

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BlueXP digital advisor enables you to optimize the operations, security, and performance of your ONTAP clusters.


You can view the overall status of your storage system, high-level information about the wellness of the system, inventory, planning, upgrades, and valuable insights at a watchlist level using BlueXP digital advisor.

  • Analyze and optimize the health of your storage systems

  • Gain insights regarding all the risks to your storage systems and the actions to mitigate the risks

  • Analyze the performance of your storage devices by viewing the graphical format of performance data

  • Get details about systems that have exceeded 90% capacity or are nearing 90% capacity

  • Get information about the hardware and software that have expired or are near-expiration within the next 6 months

  • Upgrade your storage system software, and update your ONTAP firmware using Ansible

Supported ONTAP systems

Digital advisor provides information for all the on-premises ONTAP systems and Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems associated with your NetApp Support SIte (NSS) account.