Monitor volume performance

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Gain insights into the health and performance of your Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances and troubleshoot and optimize the performance of your cloud storage environment.

Monitor your volumes from Cloud Manager

Monitor performance by viewing IOPS, throughput, and latency for each of your volumes.

  1. At the top of Cloud Manager, click Monitoring.

  2. Filter the contents of the dashboard to get the information that you need.

    • Select a specific working environment.

    • Select a different timeframe.

    • Select a specific SVM.

    • Search for a specific volume.

      The following image highlights each of these options:

      A screenshot of the Monitoring tab that shows the options that you can use to filter the contents of the dashboard.

  3. Click a volume in the table to expand the row and view a timeline for IOPS, throughput, and latency.

    A screenshot of the performance data for a volume.

  4. Use the data to identify performance issues to minimize impact on your users and apps.

Get more information from Cloud Insights

The Monitoring tab in Cloud Manager provides basic performance data for your volumes. You can go to the Cloud Insights web interface from your browser to perform more in-depth monitoring and to configure alerts for your Cloud Volumes ONTAP systems.

  1. At the top of Cloud Manager, click Monitoring.

  2. Click the Cloud Insights link.

    A screenshot that shows the Cloud Insights link that is available in the top right of the Monitoring tab.


Cloud Insights open in a new browser tab. If you need help, refer to the Cloud Insights documentation.