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Learn what’s new with the Monitoring service.

1 August 2021

Change to Acquisition Unit name

We changed the default name of the Acquisition Unit instance to CloudInsights-AU-UUID so that the name is more descriptive (the UUID is a generated hash).

Cloud Manager deploys this instance when you enable the Monitoring service on a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment.

5 May 2021

Support for existing tenants

You can now enable the Monitoring service on a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment even if you have an existing Cloud Insights tenant.

Free Trial transition

When you enable the Monitoring service, Cloud Manager sets up a free trial of Cloud Insights. On the 29th day, your plan now automatically transitions from the Trial Version to the Basic Edition.

9 February 2021

Support in Azure

The Monitoring service is now supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure.

Support in Government regions

The Monitoring service is also supported in Government regions in AWS and Azure.

10 May 2020

Introducing the Monitoring service

By leveraging NetApp’s Cloud Insights service, Cloud Manager gives you insights into the health and performance of your Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances and helps you troubleshoot and optimize the performance of your cloud storage environment.