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Cloud Tiering

Quick start for tiering inactive data to AWS

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Getting started with Cloud Tiering in AWS includes a few steps.

number 1 Prepare to tier data to AWS

You need the following:

  • An AFF or FAS system with all-SSD aggregates running ONTAP 9.2 or later, and an HTTPS connection to AWS S3.

  • An AWS account that has an access key and the required permissions so the ONTAP cluster can tier inactive data in and out of AWS S3.

  • A location for the Service Connector: either an AWS VPC or an on-premises Linux host.

    With either option, the Service Connector needs an outbound HTTPS connection to the ONTAP cluster, to S3 storage, and to the Cloud Tiering service.

number 2 Tier inactive data from your first cluster

Log in to NetApp Cloud Central, start a free trial of the Cloud Tiering service, and click Let's Start, Discover Your First Cluster.

number 3 Set up licensing

After your free trial ends, pay for Cloud Tiering through a pay-as-you-go subscription, an ONTAP tiering license, or a combination of both:

  • To subscribe from the AWS Marketplace, click Licensing, click Subscribe, and then follow the prompts.

  • To add a tiering license, contact us if you need to purchase one, and then add it to your cluster from ONTAP System Manager.