OpenStack data source

The OpenStack (REST API / KVM) data source collects information about OpenStack hardware instances. This data source collects inventory data for all OpenStack instances, and optionally, VM performance data.


The OpenStack Ceilometer module must be installed and configured for performance collection. Configuring the Ceilometer is done by editing the nova.conf file for each hypervisor and then restart the Nova Compute service on each hypervisor. The option name changes for different releases of OpenStack::
  • Icehouse
  • Juno
  • Kilo
  • Liberty
  • Mitaka
  • Newton
  • Ocata


Field Description
OpenStack Controller IP Address IP address or fully-qualified domain name of the OpenStack Controller
OpenStack Administrator User name for an OpenStack Admin
OpenStack Password Password used for the OpenStack Admin
OpenStack Administrator Tenant OpenStack Administrator Tenant
KVM Sudo User KVM Sudo User name
Choose 'Password' or 'OpenSSH Key File' to specify credential type The credential type used to connect to the device via SSH
Full Path to Inventory Private Key Full Path to Inventory Private Key
KVM Sudo Password KVM Sudo Password

Advanced configuration

Field Description
Enable hypervisor inventory discovery through SSH Check this to enable hypervisor inventory discovery through SSH
OpenStack Admin URL port OpenStack Admin URL port
Use HTTPS Check to use secure HTTP
HTTP Connection Timeout (sec) Timeout for HTTP connection (default 300 seconds)
SSH Port Port used for SSH
SSH Process Wait Timeout (sec) SSH process timeout (default 30 seconds)
SSH Process Retries Number of inventory retry attempts
Inventory Poll Interval (min) Interval between inventory polls (default 20 minutes)